Is a patented neuro-nutrient technology that works by re-balancing brain chemistry and can reduce craving behaviors, increase focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall well-being. There are 6 formulations tailored to your DNA. Each formula is based on genetic variants determined by the GARS® test (which are different for everyone).


restoreGen® is an all-natural neuro-nutrient designed with brain health in mind. This patented neuro-nutrient formulation has six variations to fit your genetic make-up. Each formulation is tailored to supplement dopamine function within the brain reward cascade site of the brain.


Chemical messengers and neurotransmitters like endorphin, serotonin, GABA, and dopamine work together in a cascade. The brain reward cascade forms patterns of stimulation or inhibition that generate the specific effects involved in producing feelings of well-being and reward.

The GARS® test identifies gene variations that can cause a deficiency or imbalance and interrupt the reward function of the cascade. This can lead to:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Displaced feelings of well-being
  • Cravings for substances
  • Behaviors that can provide dopamine

Genetic anomalies, long-term stress, long-term substance use or repeated, compulsive and impulsive behaviors, can cause reward deficiency and lead to a self-sustaining pattern of abnormal craving.

An unprecedented 41 published clinical studies have validated that this neuro-nutrient technology is effective in re-balancing brain chemistry and optimizing dopamine sensitivity to:

  • Reduce addictive cravings
  • Optimize brain health
  • Increase focus
  • Enhance energy levels
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve overall well-being

Welcome to the future of addiction recovery management!


The GARS® test results allow you or a provider to better understand your genetic predisposition toward addiction behaviors and find the best of six customized restoreGen® formulations for you.



Endorphin deficit is caused by gene impairments that influence the endorphinergic pathways stimulating opioid receptors. Endogen® helps secure the required glutaminergic drive that induces normal dopamine function at pleasure sites in the brain.


Due to a gene(s) influencing dopamine receptor activation and transport systems to balance dopamine function overcoming hypodopaminergia (low dopamine function) at the brain reward center and even pain sensitivity causing hypoanalgesia (reduced pain sensitivity).


Heightened GABA activity negatively reduces the Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) glutaminergic drive, preventing a GABA-induced reduced dopamine release at the reward site of the brain. The supplements in Gabagen® help enable normal dopamine tonic tone.


Due to risk alleles of gene(s) essentially related to catabolism of circulating and mitochondrial serotonin as measured with GARS® including overactive serotonin transporter and mitochondrial monoamine oxidase (MAO-A) enabling required serotonin function in the hypothalamus to activate natural brain opioid peptides like endorphins leading to normalized dopamine release at the nucleus accumbens (reward site) with concomitant attenuation of drug seeking.


Overactive serotonin transporter and mitochondrial monoamine oxidase (MAO-A) and DOPAMINE deficits are due to carrying certain over active risk alleles including dopamine transporter and catecholamine-transferase (COMT) leading to reduced dopamine quanta neuronal release at the brain reward site leading to reward deficiency or overall lack of well-being.


Due to multiple systems and integrative polymorphic genes affecting the brain reward cascade (BRC) causing impairments to the BRC leading to low dopamine function and subsequently reward deficiency or overall lack of well-being.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. restoreGen® is manufactured under the highest quality control.




“Taking Metagen® improved my motivation and self –control; reduced sexual impulsivity and out of control aggressiveness. Absolutely reduced viewing porn”

KC, male sexual addict

“After taking Polygen® for two months my terrifying dreams were gone and even replaced with happy dreams but returned 14 days after stopping Polygen®. Now I have not bad dreams for over 6 months on Polygen® – a wonderful and amazing product”

LB, female diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD with nightmares

“After about 3 weeks of taking Equigen® all terrifying lucid dreams stopped and for the first time I am not afraid of going to sleep. What a miracle!”

FK, female diagnosed with ADHD and substance abuse with nightmares

“Within minutes of taking Endogen® I felt an unexpected glow and feeling good not experienced for some time these days”

TW, male abstinent heroin addict

“It is just amazing when I take Polygen® after about one hour or so people tell me that I am more lucid and I do not keep repeating myself constantly. To me this is a God-send and I am loving it day by day”

AC, 77-year-old highly educated male with cognitive decline

“Besides feeling great taking Serogen® I found out through testing that one hour after ingesting the product abnormal brain waves became totally normal and my working memory increased-wow!”

TM, 72-year-old highly functional physician diagnosed with ADHD

“The month of March 2017 is when I began to take Metagen®, and it worked fairly quickly for me. In fact I feel like it was almost immediate. However, realistically, it was a week or less. The first real benefit was I did not feel the need to shop. I had this sudden burst of hope or responsibility to get both my shopping and hoarding under control….In general I feel that Metagen®, and my doctor are responsible for these beautiful changes in my life”

CL , 38-year-old with substance abuse, excessive hoarding and shopping behaviors

“During the first three days, I felt a unique brain activation, resembling white noise after 30 minutes and sensation was strong for 45 minutes and then dissipated. I felt as if my eyesight improved slightly and so did my sense of smell and sleep greatly improved. I experienced a calming effect similar to meditation. Most impressive is that I no longer felt that I was going over the edge after a hard day’s work, which was coupled with a slight increase in energy, increased motivation to work, increased focus and multi-tasking, with clearer purpose of task at hand. Most amazingly, I felt less inhibited in a social setting”

LD, 69-year-old clinical professional with energy and focus issues

“I have been taken Serogen®for about three weeks now and I feel much less stress from every day work and most noticeably I have more motivation, am highly focused and amazingly my overall cravings are way down to almost none”

HD, 49-year-old female with three DUIs and a long history of drug and alcohol abuse

“I have been taking Suboxone to help me in recovery for about 8 months but for some reason I felt very sad and wanted to kill myself. I did not relapse to drugs and alcohol but I remember calling my doctor with a knife in my hand-she told me to stop and come to her office-which I did. I was given Polygen® and after one day of taking Polygen® all my plans to kill myself were gone. I felt calm and wonderful thanks to Polygen®-a miracle!”

SF, 29-year-old male in recovery has suicidal ideation

 “All of us have been on the KB220Z for close to a month now. All have been really blessed by it. In my case, I have noticed improved focus, more ‘resolve’, reduced ‘impulsivity’ and a higher ‘baseline’ level of affect – different in kind to what anti-depressants had done for me several years ago. My wife LC has also found a greater sense of ‘togetherness’ and I have noticed subtle signs of more ‘assertiveness’ which I welcome – especially with our daughter, MC. In turn, MC, our youngest with mild ADD has shown equivalent functional improvements to what she has had on Concerta. The greatest change, though, has been in our adopted daughter, JC. She no longer has food cravings (which is near miraculous) as she is quite obese at 5.5 feet / 250 pounds – and she can now direct her appetite rather than be the victim of it. Her thoughts are also much less ‘troubled’ and busy and she has become less ‘dependent’ and more outward-focused. Her psychologist and GP are also impressed with KB220Z and have agreed to hold off on the anti-depressants they had been considering. I sense that her example may serve as an encouragement to others to do the same. Anyway, I just thought to give you our collective first -hand accounts”

FC, highly trained nutritional consultant; entire family taking restoreGen®

“While it is hard to believe whenever I have a stressful overload I found that when I take Equigen® the stress is gone after about one hour. Now I keep Equigen® in my pocket at work”

MM, 36-year-old night club security employee

“Amazing!’ on the fifth day of taking Gabagen® I woke up in bed and shouted out – ‘It’s gone!’ my husband asked ‘what is gone?’ ‘My cravings, my cravings!”

MP, 44-year-old uncontrollable female alcoholic

“Taking Polygen® for a number of months thinking that I was fine and then decided to stop taking it. Soon I discovered that my anxieties had returned – and I figured out that the pill helped reduced my stress so now I stay on Polygen®”

KF, 37-year-old recovering alcoholic attending daily AA meetings

“OMG! I want to thank Dr. Blum for this amazing product –It has saved my life!”

FS, 39-year-old female recovering alcoholic

“For Polygen® – I am feeling better overall (no knee pain at all!) after only one day. Yes, I have felt calm all day. ’Wow’ is all I can say!”

JH, attorney with a lot of knee pain for over ten years

“After I was taken off Wellbutrin XL, I began taking Endogen®. In about one month I had a profound response to Endogen® while I maintained on Suboxone. I felt significantly better, specifically; I have an increase in energy, a decrease in cravings and overall better mood. I find myself cutting off risky friends, and even changed my dead-end job. Also, I enrolled in college. It seems that my insight, judgement and motivation really improved. There is improvement in my mood and even mild weight loss. The most amazing thing is that I have zero cravings and a sense of normalcy not felt on the Suboxone alone.”

LM , 23-year-old female suffered near fatal overdose on opioids, diagnosed with PTSD

“Over- time I have tried to withdraw from my anti-depressant medication Cymbalta, causing severe nausea, vertigo, intense anxiety, so unpleasant that I could endure these symptoms for only a day before deciding to resume Cymbalta therapy. Then my doctor put me on Gabagen® at a dose of 1 tablet twice daily. I have been taking this supplement for 2 weeks. The most profound thing happened –I went on a vacation and completely forgot to take Cymbalta while on Gabagen®. The withdrawal was so mild that it not only made it easier to stop taking the anti-depressant, but also made it unnecessary for me to need one at all and my sadness is gone.”

JD , 18-year-old female with depression, weight gain and loss of motivation

“restoreGen® is an amazing product responsible for miracles in addicted patients in my office.”

Manya Helman, MD-Family Medicine Clinic, Salem, Oregon

“Most clients report feelings of less stress and say they have a greater overall sense of well-being. Many of our staff takes it as well and they report feeling less irritable, less stressed and more focused.”

Lyle Fried, MAC-Shores Treatment and Recovery Center, Florida

“Treatment strategies, like dopamine agonist therapy, that might conserve dopamine function may be an interesting approach to relapse prevention in psychoactive drug and behavioral addictions.”

Mark S. Gold, MD–professor emeritus, University of Florida Department of Psychiatry College of Medicine –Gainesville

“I have used Blum’s formulation for many years with spectacular results, and in my new recovery program every client must take restoreGen® coupled with self-help programs.”

John Giordano, DHL and MAC – John Giordano Life Enhancement Recovery Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I’ve been in recovery for over ten years but due to a separation and pending divorce I had been suffering from sadness and the occasional desire to relapse. I originally decided to try Dr. Blum’s formulation to help with things. After a few weeks, not only was my sadness gone, the desire to use was gone, my hot flashes were completely gone and I began to lose weight. I used to spend every Sunday in bed eating my feelings away. I haven’t had to do this since I started taking the supplement. Surprisingly, I not only eat healthy, but have lost a total of 30 pounds. I feel amazing! I have energy and all-over good feeling most every day. The effect is so subtle I didn’t even know it was working. Wow, I believe in the product and I am proof it’s working.”

KW, an addiction recovery specialist

“For a number of years every alcoholic patient that enters our clinic is provided with Blum’s Pro-Dopamine Regulator (restoreGen® therapy) free of charge because combining this with our other modalities results in both-clinically observable and self-reported wonderful results. It should be used by alcoholics wanting a better quality of life in recovery.”

Greg Hoffman , owner, Go-Sober Clinic– Denver, Colorado

“restoreGen® has been dramatically successful in a number of particular domains in my experience. The first is the complete elimination of terrifying lucid and frequently life-long dreams. Second there has been dramatic termination of hoarding and shopping. Thirdly a very dramatic reversal diminished cognitive performance in the elderly. In general, in some patients I have seen also a dramatic enhancement of motivation.”

Thomas McLaughlin, MD, PhD-Center for Psychiatry, Lawrence, MA



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