MyGenx® Health Guru – All 4 Tests

The following tests and reports are included:

  • MyGenx® Diet – Personalize a healthy eating and exercise program
  • MyGenx® Estrogen – Understand hormonal balance and efficiency
  • MyGenx® Health – Comprehensive health and wellness overview
  • MyGenx® Sport – Build a training strategy that optimizes your genetic potential.
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MyGenx® Diet
Make better diet choices based on your DNA. You can live your best life and be your healthiest self. And we can help you determine how to do exactly that, based on your DNA.

MyGenx® Estrogen
Tests your DNA for gene variants that have been shown to have an impact on how estrogen is processed in the body and if the processing of estrogen and related compounds is efficient and healthy.

MyGenx® Health
Is designed to optimize a patient’s well-being and health by better understanding cholesterol metabolism, bone health and risk for osteoporosis, insulin sensitivity and risk for diabetes, and more. Are you lactose intolerant?  Find out….

MyGenx® Sport
Physical training raised to the level of science. Are you maximizing your potential or reaching your peak level of conditioning? The effectiveness of training and sporting performance is affected by key biological areas, and with MyGenx® Sport, we can help personalize a training strategy.

The clinical version of the report provides more complex and detailed information on a per gene basis.  This is used to give providers more in depth information on how to manage patients.

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