National Techies Day

October 3rd is National Techies Day! This day is designated to celebrate careers in technology and draw kids towards those fields. However, we want to celebrate a different technology: the GARS® test.  

The GARS® test technology is one of a kind. No really… it is! No other genetic test can give you the information that GARS® can. The GARS® test is the first and only genetic test to receive a patent in the United States. Which means that no other company can replicate what this test does!

A simple cheek swab allows our lab technicians to analyze 10 different genes for alleles (or genetic variations) that have been linked to higher predispositions to Reward Deficiency Syndrome behaviors. These addictive, compulsive, and impulsive behaviors include a variety of things like internet gaming, nicotine addiction, opioid dependency and more! 

Based on this industry-leading technology, you can understand what substances and/or behaviors might trigger a dopamine rush that can eventually lead to a dependency. Maybe addiction runs in your family and you want to understand if you’re at risk. Or maybe you want to understand how to protect your kids from addiction. Thanks to 30 years of research and the current technology, now you can!

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