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How to Choose the Right Diet for You!

Keto, Mediterranean, low fat, Paleo, Atkins, vegetarian, raw foods… the list goes on and on and on. There are thousands of diets out there. Maybe you have a friend that lost 30+ pounds because they only ate raw foods. Maybe your sister-in-law swears by the Paleo diet. While it’s fantastic that they have found something that works for them, that doesn’t mean those diets will produce the same results for you. Don’t worry, though! It’s just because your DNA is different than theirs.

Your DNA literally affects everything about you. From the color of your hair to how your body reacts to certain workouts (MyGenx® Sport can help there), your DNA is the basis of who you are. It’s unique to you, so shouldn’t your diet plan be unique, too? The answer is yes! And the second answer is MyGenx® Diet!

The MyGenx® Diet test is a nutrigenomics test that analyzes your unique DNA to help you understand how your body metabolizes certain foods. The test breaks down nine different areas of digestion like carbohydrate responsiveness, fat storage, regulation of energy intake, and exercise responsiveness. After analyzing your genetics for gene variations and the amount of impact they have on these areas, the test divides your results into four diet and lifestyle variables: obesity risk, saturated fat, carbohydrate, and exercise. Each variable is graded at low, moderate, and high risk. If you are at a high risk in carbohydrate, you will benefit most by managing your intake of carbs or cutting them out completely. If you are at a low risk in exercise, you’re recommended to implement a moderate amount of activity, but you don’t need to live at the gym to see results.

The MyGenx® Diet test gives you results that are simple to follow and specific to you (and only you). Even better? The test can be taken at home and doesn’t require a visit to the Nutritionist. All of this for just a simple cheek swab? Get your MyGenx® Diet test today!

MyGenx® Diet