How DNA Affects Your Workout

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you knew what exercises were actually helping you and the ones that are just making you sore for no reason? Well, you’re in luck! The answer is in your DNA! If you are asking what your DNA has to do with your workout, the answer is that many genetic factors can affect you individually when it comes to how and why you exercise:

  • Injury and Recovery. Did you know that your DNA affects how you respond to workouts? An often-overlooked part of any exercise or workout program is recovery time. There are certain genetic variations that can increase post-workout inflammation, and that means a longer recovery time to avoid any permanent tissue damage. Your genetics can also make you more injury prone. Certain genes (COL1A1, COL5A1, and GDF5) are responsible for tissue and skeletal repair. Any variation that causes an abnormality in these genes can make you more likely to experience injuries. The MyGenx® Sports test analyzes your DNA to help you understand how your body reacts to exercise so you can improve your workout strategy and increase performance.
  • The MyGenx® Sports test isn’t going to tell you to skip cardio, but it will show you how much of each type of exercise will benefit you the most based upon your unique DNA. Blood flow, respiration, energy mobilization, fuel metabolism, and musculoskeletal properties all affect your ability to perform specific exercises. For example, variations in genes like AGT and BDKRB2 affect blood pressure. Higher blood pressure means that you are more likely to benefit from quick, heavy lifting. Other gene variations can tell you whether caffeine before working out is helpful or not. Variations in the gene ACTN3 could mean that you have an advantage in power and speed training.

Your DNA is what makes you… well, you! Shouldn’t your workout be as unique as you are? Whether you are a world-class athlete or just wanting to see better results from your workouts, MyGenx® Sports can help you understand the best and most unique way that you can benefit from your workout routine.

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