Health for Kids

It’s recommended that kids should get 60 minutes of exercise every day, but every child is different. And It’s important to give kids fruits, vegetables, and a balanced diet, right? But that can be hard! MyGenx® makes it easy by giving you the right information!

What if you knew exactly what your child needed? With the tests from MyGenx®, you can know exactly what diet and exercise is right for your child. The MyGenx® Diet test analyzes a person’s genetic makeup to determine the right diet for them. It looks at how carbohydrates affect them, how certain foods affect their energy, and more. MyGenx® Diet is a stepping stool to start healthy habits that will stick with your child for life.

MyGenx® Sport looks at injury risk, recovery, and performance. So it won’t tell you that 20 burpees is the ideal workout, but it will tell you what risks your child might have when it comes to playing/exercise. For those that play competitive sports, this information is life-changing. Imagine knowing if your child is at a risk for inflammation or soft tissue damage? What if your child needs extra recovery time between working out to avoid serious injury? For performance, MyGenx® Sport analyzes energy consumption and how the body transports oxygen to the muscles that need it.

Since the Diet and Sport test are both DNA tests, the results won’t change! Your child’s genetic makeup won’t change, which means that the information you receive will unlock the healthiest life for them!

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