The Basics of Food Addiction

What is food addiction? Have you ever heard of it? Unfortunately, food addiction isn’t always taken as seriously as it should be. However, more research is being done to understand more fully what the addiction is so hopefully, that will change. Food addiction does not have an official definition, but it is often described as the uncontrollable desire for food that usually follows eating foods that are high in refined carbohydrates (flour-based and sugary foods) that are turned into sugar during digestion.  

While there isn’t an official definition, food addiction is just like other addictions. Being addicted to any substance means that the body has become chemically dependent on that substance and using that substance causes a flood of dopamine into the brain’s reward center. When the person’s dopamine levels crash, they begin to crave the substance so they can experience the dopamine rush.

Eventually, the brain gets used to the rush of dopamine and adapts by either making less dopamine or lessening the ability of the reward circuit to respond to it. When this happens, the person doesn’t feel the same rush of pleasure. The only way to experience the same level of pleasure is to increase the amount of food eaten.

Some researchers actually say that food addiction is harder to overcome compared to tobacco and other substance dependencies. Here’s the tricky part about food addiction: everyone has to eat food every day. Unlike other substances, food is necessary for living. It’s not like a cigarette or alcohol, because the person literally can’t avoid what triggers their addictive behaviors.

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