Best gift for Dad on Father’s Day!

He goes by many names: Dad, Papa, Dada, Father, maybe even Grandpa now. Whatever you call him, he’s funny, hard-working, caring, and strong. He’s looked out for your wellbeing for years, but is he looking out for his health?

Father’s Day celebrates those father figures in everyone’s life, but it can be hard to shop for the man that seems to have everything! Do you get him a set of grilling tools? Maybe a new shirt? You could go with something for his favorite team (again). While these are good options, go for something great and give Dad the gift of health this year! MyGenx® offers three at-home DNA tests that analyze how your genetic makeup affects things like diet, overall health, and exercise.

MyGenx® Diet is a nutrigenomics test that helps you understand how your body metabolizes certain foods. This test breaks down nine areas of digestion like responsiveness to carbs, fat storage, energy intake, and exercise responsiveness. After breaking down gene variations and the amount of impact they have on the nine areas, the test results are grouped into four diet and lifestyle variables: obesity risk, saturated fat, carbohydrate, and exercise.

MyGenx® Health is the genetic key to unlock better overall health and reach the best version of you. This test is an extensive overview of how your genetic profile affects eight different areas of wellness, including bone health, liver function, food responsiveness, and fat metabolism. This genetic test analyzes genetic variants that influence the eight areas and whether they are harmful or beneficial.

MyGenx® Sport focuses on how DNA alters the response to exercise. This test will show you which exercise will benefit you the most based on genetics. Blood flow, respiration, energy mobilization, fuel metabolism, and musculoskeletal properties all affect your ability to perform specific exercises. Certain genetic variations can increase post-workout inflammation, and that means a longer recovery time to avoid any permanent tissue damage.

Genetic testing unlocks a variety of information that is unique to you. The more you know makes it easier to reach fitness goals, pick the right diet, and become the best version of you! So this Father’s Day give him the gift of health with MyGenx®!

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